Our Organisation

NWM road transportThe head office of NWM-Europe NV is located Finlandstraat 1, B-9940 Evergem, where a motivated team monitors all truck movements with the help of the best technologies. 

All container movements are being organised and monitored from our second operational office that is located near Diest in the centere of the country. 

Different types of tank containers are available for our customers:
- 35.000 liter tanks with or without baffles
- 35.000 liter tanks with electrical heating (GPS tracking and temperature monitoring systems available upon request)
- 32.500 Liter tanks with baffles
- 30.000 / 31.000 /33.000 Liter tanks, high insulation for hot products
- 32.500 Liter 3-compartment tanks
- 25.000 / 26.000 Liter tanks 20ft for the transport of heavier products. 

Thanks to our partnership agreements we also have access to the necessary extra equipment (including road tankers) that can be made available within 24 hours when required to respond to additional demands.